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Building Bridges: WAICA RE Team Strengthening Partnerships with RBS
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05 Apr 2024

Building Bridges: WAICA RE Team Strengthening Partnerships with RBS

  • April 5, 2024

The WAICA RE Team has paid a courteous visit to the offices of RBS. During our meeting, fruitful discussions have taken place regarding enhancing our market partnership and fostering mutual support in business endeavors. We’ve explored avenues to strengthen our collaborative efforts, aiming to leverage each other’s strengths for shared success. Engaging in constructive dialogue,..

11 Mar 2024

CEO Seychelles RE Engages in Strategic Talks with RBS: Fostering Market Partnership and Mutual Business Support

  • March 11, 2024

Mr. Kwaku Baah-Nuakoh, the esteemed CEO of Seychelles RE, has paid a significant visit to the offices of RBS. During this productive meeting, fruitful discussions have centered around the enhancement of market partnership and the fostering of mutual business support between the two entities. This collaborative dialogue shows a commitment to strengthening ties and exploring..

15 Nov 2023

Continental Re Regional Director Kevin Mworia Explores Strategic Collaboration with RBS during Office Visit.

  • November 15, 2023

Kevin Mworia, the Regional Director of Continental Re, has paid a visit to the offices of RBS. During this meeting, we’ve engaged in highly productive conversations centered around exploring opportunities for market partnership and fostering collaborative efforts between our organizations. The discussions have been fruitful, paving the way for potential collaborations that could significantly benefit..

20 Oct 2023

CEO of Britam Rwanda and Business Development Team paid a visit to RBS Offices.

  • October 20, 2023

The CEO of Britam Rwanda, along with his Business Development Team, paid a visit to the offices of RBS. During their visit, they engaged in productive and insightful conversations centered around the introduction of innovative products and market expansion. This meeting provided an opportunity for both organizations to exchange ideas and explore potential new avenues..

06 Oct 2023

CEO WAICA RE visits RBS offices.

  • October 6, 2023

CEO WAICA RE (West African Insurance Companies Association Reinsurance Company) paid a visit to the offices of RBS (Reinsurance Brokerage Solutions) to discuss deepening the existing partnership. This is a positive development for both organizations, as it strengthens the collaboration for mutual benefit.

21 Sep 2023

RBS at RIBA Annual conference

  • September 21, 2023

Rwanda Insurance Brokers Association (RIBA) Annual conference brought together stakeholders from insurance industry where RBS was present making regional networking.

03 Aug 2023

Sonarwa General visit to RBS

  • August 3, 2023

CEO Sonarwa General Mr Rees Kinyangi and his senior Team visit RBS offices. We held cordial discussions on market partnership and mutual business support.