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15 Jun 2024

“The Integrity Compass:The Path to a Meaningful Life and an Ethical World.” Dr. Ben Karenzi’s First Non-Fiction Book Launch and Promotion Opportunity.

  • June 15, 2024

Dr. Ben Karenzi’s First Non-Fiction Book Launch Dr. Ben Karenzi’s first non-fiction book, “The Integrity Compass: The Path to a Meaningful Life and an Ethical World”, has now been launched on Amazon! This insightful book addresses the critical issue of integrity in today’s workplace, shedding light on the challenges posed by false and misleading information across..

15 Jun 2024

Dr. Ben Karenzi Hands Over Board Chair Role to Dr. Odette Uwizeye, Honored with Certificate of Appreciation

  • June 15, 2024

Dr. Ben Karenzi has officially handed over the role of Board Chair of the Institute for Policy Analysis and Research Consult to Dr. Odette Uwizeye. His tenure and contributions were acknowledged during the event, highlighting his dedication and leadership. In recognition of his service, Dr. Karenzi was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by Augustine..

29 May 2024

RBS Welcomes Grand Re Group Executives for Strategic Discussions

RBS has the honor of hosting Tatenda Katoma, the Managing Director of Grand Re Group, along with CEO Kuda Jeche and Ms. Rosine Kamurere, Country Representative. The visit facilitated a series of productive discussions focused on exploring opportunities for market partnerships and strengthening mutual business support between the two organizations. The engagement underscored the commitment..

05 Apr 2024

Building Bridges: WAICA RE Team Strengthening Partnerships with RBS

  • April 5, 2024

The WAICA RE Team has paid a courteous visit to the offices of RBS. During our meeting, fruitful discussions have taken place regarding enhancing our market partnership and fostering mutual support in business endeavors. We’ve explored avenues to strengthen our collaborative efforts, aiming to leverage each other’s strengths for shared success. Engaging in constructive dialogue,..

11 Mar 2024

CEO Seychelles RE Engages in Strategic Talks with RBS: Fostering Market Partnership and Mutual Business Support

  • March 11, 2024

Mr. Kwaku Baah-Nuakoh, the esteemed CEO of Seychelles RE, has paid a significant visit to the offices of RBS. During this productive meeting, fruitful discussions have centered around the enhancement of market partnership and the fostering of mutual business support between the two entities. This collaborative dialogue shows a commitment to strengthening ties and exploring..