Reinsurance Brokerage Solutions (RBS), with strategic partnership with AfroAsian Insurance Services (London based and Lloyd's accredited), focuses on proactive strategies which aim to assist our clients in competing aggressively in their local markets. Emphasis is placed on quick reaction to enquiries with same day positive responses.


We have market leading underwriting facilities in:

  • Political Violence, Terrosim and Sabotage; Limit: Any one risk up to USD 80 Million.
  • Third Party, Public and Products Liability (including USA/Canada and Accidental Pollution Damage); Limit: Any one risk up to USD 25 Million.
  • Our team of brokers specialize in:

    Political Violence, Terrorism and SRCC Contractors All Risks/Erection All RIsks Kidnap & Ransom Personal Accident Including Hazardous Occupations Clinical Trials Freight Forwarders Liability Financial Lines including Bankers Blanket Bond Event Cancellation Ports & Terminals General Aviation including aviation liability covers Environmental Liability Energy Public & Product Liability & Product Recall Oil & Gas, Power Generation & Distribution, Mining, and Projects (Engineering & Construction) risks Payment Protection Insurance (Also known as Credit Insurance

    Our Services

    RBS provides reinsurance broking and consultancy services as described hereunder:

    Risk Management consulting services

    We shall work with the clients closely, so as to assist in the management of risks which can jeopardize achievement of their goals and objectives, by critically analyzing both internal and external factors that may cause or result in harm to their organization and provide effective and efficient means of mitigating risks.

    Underwriting audit services

    The company shall closely analyze insurance coverages, definitions, exclusion, terms and conditions, and identify deficiencies or pitfalls which may leave the client disadvantaged in the event that a loss occurs. We shall provide our independent recommendation on coverages not required, as well as those required or those that need possible enhancements.

    Reinsurance Treaty Programme Reviews and Analysis

    It is very important for both the reinsured and the re-insurer to independently review the experience of the reinsurance contracts individually and as part of a programme, so as to have a clear understanding of the performance of such reinsurance arrangements.

    Risk Survey and Claims Adjustments

    The company shall also provide risk survey services, as well as claims analysis and adjustments to our clients with the aim of making sure that they are not disadvantaged.

    Reinsurance treaty accounting

    We shall provide both technical and financial accounting for our clients, with more focus centered on providing treaty technical accounting services.

    Draft and review contracts

    This shall be done by taking note of the client’s areas of interest that are legally required to be captured in a document intended to create a legally binding agreement.

    Training services

    The company shall provide unrivaled training and development services through our in-house technical expertise as well as sourcing of external expert trainers.

    Feasibility studies

    The company shall diligently and independently assess the economic viability of the client’s proposed new business (project) and/or expansion of the business to other geographical regions and provide a thorough analysis of the opportunity.


    We shall offer client tailored research and surveys which shall include but not be limited to: Customer attitudes and expectation survey; Employee attitudes and job satisfaction surveys; and New product acceptance and demand surveys and Test market survey.

    Marketing strategy consulting

    The company shall assist organizations in planning and implementation of successful strategic marketing programmes that will be on target and resonate with their audiences. We shall also provide clients with deeper insight into customers’ needs across multiple demographic segments and work with the clients to develop innovative marketing campaigns that will yield profitable returns.

    Treaty (both life and non-life) reinsurance broking

    We advise our clients on the most effective trety structures (proportional and non-proportional) and provide the most cost effective risk transfer solutions, including Alternative Risk Tranfer (ART) and Multi-Year contracts. Art blends risk retenton and risk tranfer at lowest total cost of risk and results in mutually aligning the financial interests of both the insurer and insured.